The Forum for Shared Governance identifies, promotes, and disseminates evidence-based information about shared governance within a professional governance continuum and organizational innovations that empower nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The Forum for Shared Governance is currently the ONLY agency that accredits organizations in shared governance. Send an email to info@sharedgovernance.org or visit our Measurement & Accreditation page to find out how your organization can become accredited.

The Forum believes that innovations that allow front-line professionals, managers, and patients to share control and influence together over practice and the resources that support it in healthcare organizations can enhance patient, professional, and organizational outcomes. The Forum further believes that staff and managers need ongoing support and education to effectively participate in the governance of these organizations.

Contact the Forum to be listed with Shared Governance Hospitals Online for 2022. Eligible hospitals must have a shared governance model or similar organizational innovation referenced on its public website and provide a contact person’s email address for networking. The Forum also accredits organizations in shared governance. Find out if your institution is eligible.

Request a speaker from the Forum to vitalize your governance program.

The Forum is happy to share your evidence-based practices that have evolved through your shared governance structures and processes with the nursing and general healthcare community. These practices are posted in the Members Only section and our Peer-Reviewed, Governance-Related Poster Section Contact the Forum for further details.