Research Dissemination FAQ

Do you plan to disseminate your work after using the Index of Professional Nursing Governance (IPNG) or the Index of Professional Nursing Governance (IPG)?

If you want to publish or present, you must consider:

  • the right journal scope,
  • the right conference venue, and
  • the right method

How do I know which method is appropriate when using IPNG/IPG ?

Multiple project or study methods may be used with the IPNG/IPG. This will influence how you develop the manuscript and abstract, select the journal, or select the conference venue. Organizations may choose to use any of the following methods with IPNG/IPG and any others not listed. However, a journal may not approve an manuscript based on the method used in relationship to its scope. Here are some methods commonly used:

  1. Process Improvement is a method where you may not need to go to the institutional review board if the plan is to use the information solely to optimize your performance. This method involves identifying, analyzing, and improving existing process to optimize performance, and meet best practice standards
  2. Descriptive study is a method to describe characteristics of a population or the phenomenon being described (e.g., subscales within the IPNG). This data is frequently accepted with non- peer review and peer review journals.
  3. Correlational research occurs when the researcher measures two variables and assesses the statistical relationship between them with little or no effort to control extraneous variables ( e.g., IPNG and a satisfaction measure).
  4. Pre-test and post-test designs occur when measurements are taken before and after an intervention using IPNG/IPG.

M. Lindell Joseph, PhD, RN, FAAN, Advisory Board Member for the Forum for Shared Governance