Rajanee Singh, RN, DNP (2010)

Rajanee Singh, RN, DNP. Shared Governance As a Source of Nurse Empowerment. Doctoral Capstone (2010), Florida Atlantic University; Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Shared governance is the decision-making process that empowers employees and gives them autonomy over practice. The goal of shared governance empowers staff nurses in the decision-making process, so that they can develop a sense of autonomy and responsibility for their actions. It can be used both to engage staff with the rapidly changing healthcare environment and as a means of creating cultures that fortify the organization to prepare for healthcare shortages. Therefore, employing a model of shared governance has the potential to improve nurses’ perception of their professional practice environments, promote staff satisfaction, and encourage retention.

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the implementation of shared governance at a small non-profit hospital in Florida seeking magnet designation. Kanter’s structural theory of empowerment was the conceptual framework for the study. A nonprobability, purposive sample included 325 direct and indirect registered nurses from 20 units within the hospital. In the end there were 123 participants that completed The Index of Professional Nursing Governance (IPNG) survey.

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