NUH Shared Governance Week

Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) in the UK Celebrated its first Shared Governance Week in February 2015. The week’s aim was to highlight shared governance, a new and innovative project  at NUH; raise the profile of the work the councils had achieved; and introduce shared governance into the culture of leadership at NUH. The week consisted of internal communications updates on the intranet, a twitter campaign, and a Celebrating Shared Governance’\ conference on February 4.

Twitter Campaign

Throughout the week the two shared governance facilitators and the assistant director of nursing visited wards throughout the two hospital sites and asked staff to answer a few questions, such as: “Describe a good leader” “What do you love about your job/team,” and “What does shared governance mean to you?” The questions were aimed to be thought-provoking and celebrate nursing and midwifery through engaging front-line staff.

Celebrating Shared Governance Conference

The conference on February 4th was the highlight of the week. More than 100 nurses and midwives at NUH attended, and many left feeling energized, enthused, and inspired to want to take shared governance forward. The day consisted of presentations from each of their councils, talks from the chief executive and senior nursing leaders, and workshops on introductions to service improvement.