Measurement & Accreditation

Measuring Governance

The Index of Professional Nursing Governance (IPNG) measures nursing governance in healthcare organizations, and the Index of Professional Governance (IPG) measures governance among all healthcare professionals. During the last 30 years, hundreds of healthcare organizations and systems, nationally and internationally, have used the IPNG and IPG to evaluate the implementation of innovative management models and to track changes in professional governance; translations are available in Finnish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Turkish, English (to reflect either the American and UK health systems), and others.

A nominal fee for registration and the subscales key, which supports the work of the Forum, is required for organizations evaluating internal programs. This instrument is available free of charge to select researchers and students who formally request permission and agree to adhere to guidelines for use in their personal projects. Click on the IPNG or IPG button on the drop-down menu below SG Measurement on the main bar to see the instruments.

If you have questions or want to request permission to use these instruments, contact the Forum.

Obtaining Accreditation

Requirements for organizations desiring accreditation in shared governance by the Forum:

  • A score within the last three years that achieves the minimal threshold for shared governance using the 86 or 50 criteria (depending on the version) contained within Index of Professional Nursing Governance or the Index of Professional Governance, that is, a score of >172 on the 2.0 version or a score of >100 on the 3.0 version
  • Survey organization-wide response rate of 15% or greater (survey must include all organizational groups, including staff, managers, and executives)
  • Healthcare systems must include aggregate scores that satisfy the overall shared governance score, sample, and response rate criteria listed above from at least 50% of the system organizations for system-wide accreditation
  • Charter/Bylaws must be submitted
  • Validating conference call between the chief nurse, coordinating council chair or equivalent, a nurse manager, and a staff nurse or allied health professional AND board members from the Forum may be requested
  • Organization must meet requirements for being listed on the SG Hospitals web page
  • Accreditation is valid for four years from survey date and can be renewed with an appropriate new survey score
  • There is no fee associated with obtaining this status. Accredited organizations agree to display the Forum’s accreditation logo on their webpage.

If you have questions about accreditation, please contact the Forum.