IPNG/IPG Guidelines

Guidelines for Use: Index of Professional Nursing Governance or Index of Professional Governance

To use the IPNG or IPG, please follow the instructions below. Please note that the instruments cannot be interpreted without a subscale key, which will be provided once permission is granted.

Researchers, administrators, and clinicians who use the IPNG or IPG agree to:

  • Formally request use of the IPNG or IPG by by sending an email to info@sharedgovernance.org or send a letter to the Forum for Shared Governance, PO Box 8132, Hobe Sound, FL 33475.
  • Send a description of the intended use of the instruments along with the request that includes contact information for a point person, including phone number and postal address.
  • Follow up the request with a phone call to (610) 805-8635 to finalize permission.
  • Report subsequent findings and/or raw data from the use of the IPNG or IPG to the author, Robert Hess, PhD, RN, FAAN, for tracking use, evaluating the instruments, and for possible inclusion in research publication without identification of the institution.
  • Credit the use and author of the IPNG or IPG in any publication of the research involving these survey instruments.

The use of the instruments is free for academic researchers and students. A nominal $200 registration charge is assessed for a single healthcare organization; sliding-scale fees are assessed for multiorganization systems. Fee-based data support and consultation are available. For those managing data from either Index on their own, formal Scoring Guidelines and Benchmarks may be purchased for $100. Payment can be made by sending a check to the Forum for Shared Governance or calling in a credit card number.

A recent 2014 study, Measuring Perceptions of Shared Governance in Clinical Practice: Psychometric Testing of the RN-Focused Index of Professional Nursing Governance, updates and confirms the validity and reliability of the IPNG, correlating scores with measures of satisfaction obtained from National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQ), job enjoyment, and the desire to recommend the hospital as a place of enjoyment.

The psychometrics from the IPNG’s original 1994 are reported in Bob Hess’s 1998 article, Measuring Nursing Governance.